Services and Programs

Charter School Start-Up Support and Strategic Planning

Let us help you navigate the school design and charter application processes.  Recommended for founding groups and existing charter management organizations, consulting services are available for the following key components of a high quality, charter school application and design:


•  Mission and vision statements

•  Educational model, curriculum, learning standards, and assessment

•  Identification of target student populations

•  Founding of the Board

•  Business management and operations

•  Facilities

•  Legal issues and compliance

Additional offerings here are customized based on the results of an in-depth needs analysis of untapped springboards meant to kick start your growth, help you overcome any potential barriers to approval, and propel you toward a successful launch.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Built on a common foundation of trust, collaboration, and respect, coaching for school and district leaders is on-site, personalized, and centered on effective research-based leadership practices and strategies.  From goals definition and setting, to focused school improvement action step planning, to work plans for progress monitoring that lead to an increase in student achievement, we offer demonstrated expertise for building and sustaining leadership capacity in the personal and professional domains.  Also includes components around reflective leadership, decision making, and coaching toward career advancement (superintendency).  Additional coaching support is customized according to a thorough self-assessment.

 Urban Schools Transformation Workshops

 How do we shift our perspective from that of deficit-thinking to powerful, transformative purviews of asset-building that function as key levers in closing achievement gaps, harnessing the potential of our most vulnerable students, and engaging our parents and larger communities in this critical work?  These intensive and transformative sessions will push you to “re-think” how we do school and help you identify the tipping point fundamental to leveraging significant and impactful change in your school.

 “Creating the Schools Our Black and Brown Children Deserve”

 “Because It’s Our School:  Creating an Optimal School Climate and Culture"

 “Real and Courageous Conversations:  Facing Issues of Race and Class”

 Curriculum, Instruction, and Intervention Professional Development

This series of professional development sessions is designed to immerse teachers and school administrators in the development and praxis of culturally responsive pedagogy, personalized learning for students, student-centered cultures of accountability (analyzing the data and beyond), Response to Intervention and Multi-Tiered Support Systems (prevention to intervention), and literacy programming.  Professional development offerings are tailored to meet the needs of your school’s context and professional learning goals.  We work with you to create and integrate a unique model of professional learning that fosters success, support, and crucial gains in student achievement.  Additional customized professional development for teachers is also available for content specific support in English language arts, mathematics, and science.