Over the next 12 months, Sankore' Prep will launch an aggressive gift development campaign to raise one million dollars for a successful launch. Much of this will come in the way of start-up and implementation grants for various charter programs if approved. We will be (and have already in some cases) applying for all eligible charter grants to reach this goal to close the financial gap of our first check in September 2021 (if authorized), 3-6 weeks after school opens.

These start-up / pre-launch funds will be used as specified by the granting organization, partner, or sponsor to include but not limited to:

•  Human Capital On-Boarding

•  Recruitment (Tribe and Student)

•  Operations to include Social Media, Grant Writing, Back-Office Management)

•  Facilities to include facility lease, office-space rent, equipment, furniture, and supplies)

•  Curriculum Development

•  Technology Acquisition

•  Assessment Development

•  Professional Development

•  Governing Board Training

As a 501-3-C, all donations are tax deductible and every little bit helps. We will be developing a specific sponsorship and partner target once we on-board some of the tribe in the Fall of 2022 and spend more time listening in the community and to our targeted students and parents so that we are aligned specifically to their needs.

In-Kind Services

As a proposed IBCC school, our school design and success is visioned on developing partnerships with colleges, foundations, trade organizations, professional services, offices, and industries to provide our students direct career pathways and apprenticeships prior to graduation. If you or your organization are better situated in supporting this work or would like to know more about the possibilities, please reach out directly to Dr. Darian Jones